Dean Knox

... is an assistant professor in politics at Princeton. He builds quantitative models and methods for new forms of social science data, including audio recordings, decision sequences, and mobile location records.


Hello! I'm an assistant professor in politics at Princeton. I develop quantitative models and methods for new forms of social science data. These new sources include many forms of data previously thought to be too unstructured to study: audiovisual data conveying human emotion, path data for sequential decision-making, and mobile location data on movement and social interaction. My research touches on political communication and ethnic politics, including racialized policing in the United States and Sunni-Shia relations in the Middle East.

My work has appeared or is forthcoming in Science and the Journal of the American Statistical Association, received the John T. Williams dissertation prize and the best poster award by the Society for Political Methodology, and was supported by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


Samuel Mehr, Manvir Singh, Dean Knox, Daniel Ketter, Daniel Pickens-Jones, Stephanie Atwood, Christopher Lucas, Nori Jacoby, Alena Egner, Erin Hopkins, Rhea Howard, Joshua Hartshorne, Mariela Jennings, Jan Simson, Constance Bainbridge, Steven Pinker, Timothy O'Donnell, Max Krasnow, and Luke Glowacki. Forthcoming. "Universality and Diversity in Human Song." Science (Research Article).


Dean Knox, Teppei Yamamoto, Matthew Baum, and Adam Berinsky. 2019. "Design, Identification, and Sensitivity Analysis for Patient Preference Trials." Journal of the American Statistical Association.



Dean Knox and Christopher Lucas." A Dynamic Model of Speech for the Social Sciences." Revise and resubmit, American Political Science Review.


Dean Knox, Will Lowe, and Jonathan Mummolo. "The Bias is Built In: How Administrative Records Mask Racially Biased Policing."


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Dean Knox, Will Lowe, and Jonathan Mummolo. "Rethinking Research on Racial Bias in Policing."

Selected Working Papers

Dean Knox. "ffgrep: Scalable Approximate String Matching."


Fotini Christia, Dean Knox, and Jaffar Al-Rikabi. "Networks of Sectarianism: Experimental Evidence on Access to Services in Baghdad."


Dean Knox. "A Model for Path Data."


Dean Knox, Jake Hofman, and Duncan Watts. "The Structure and Dynamics of Diffusive Conversations."


Princeton POL 571. Probability Theory.

Princeton POL 574. Machine Learning.